A modern DAF your clients will love

Advisors who engage with clients around charitable giving build stronger relationships and have higher client retention. Offer your clients a best-in-class donor-advised fund — without the hidden fees and outdated technology.

Attract and retain more clients with better tax strategies

Nearly 75% of high-net-worth Millennials and 8 in 10 Gen X investors have a charitable giving strategy.1 Help your clients set an annual giving strategy and maximize the many tax benefits of a donor‑advised fund.

  • Manage financial windfalls

    By maximizing one of the most generous tax deductions — charitable contributions.

  • Avoid capital gains taxes

    When they donate long-term appreciated stock, ETF, or crypto.

  • Qualify for itemized deductions

    By bunching two or more years of charitable contributions into a DAF.

  • Rebalance their portfolio

    By donating stock, ETF, or crypto.

Save your clients thousands of dollars

Offer your clients a DAF with transparent, monthly membership vs. AUM-based fees that really add up over time. With Daffy, the more your clients give, the more you’ll be saving them.

annual admin costs

Daffy vs. Traditional DAFs



Daffy Benefactor

Schwab Charitable

Fidelity Charitable

Vanguard Charitable

Offer built-in support for multi‑generational giving

Deepen client relationships and engage the next generation by offering a DAF that allows clients to connect with their children and grandchildren over the causes that matter to them. Learn more.

Recommend a modern DAF with native support for advisors

With built-in support for advisors, you can advise and take action on your client's behalf — including making contributions, portfolio changes, and donations. Learn more.


With Daffy, our clients have access to a best-in-class donor-advised fund, and we get to deepen our relationships and strategic impact.

Frederik Mijnhardt

Frederik Mijnhardt

CEO, SecFi


We've seen many fintechs that make it easy for people to invest or save, but Daffy takes these innovations to giving. Additionally, they’ve reimagined the traditional DAF model, lowering the barrier to entry, aligning incentives with charities, and increasing net donations.

Ross Fubini

Ross Fubini

Managing Partner, XYZ Venture Capital


Daffy is challenging Vanguard on price, and by a huge margin. Someone with a $500,000 DAF would pay $236 at Daffy. Compared to $3,000 at Vanguard, $5,850 at Fidelity, or $7,100 at Schwab.

Felix Salmon

Felix Salmon

Chief Financial Correspondent, Axios


Daffy blows away the competition in the DAF space on basically every metric. Daffy spices up the act of giving money away, all while helping you do it in the most efficient manner possible.

Joel Larsgaard

Joel Larsgaard

Host, How To Money

Grow your clients charitable dollars, tax‑free

Select a low-cost investment portfolio that matches your client’s giving timeline and risk tolerance. Portfolios include investments from Vanguard, Schwab, and BlackRock, and crypto from Coinbase and Bitwise. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I explain the benefits of a DAF to my clients?

    If your clients are new to DAFs, you can share this simple guide and video that explains the many philanthropic and tax benefits of a modern donor-advised fund like Daffy.

  • Can I sponsor the accounts of my clients and cover the membership dues?

    Yes! If you or your firm would like to cover the membership dues of your clients, get in touch at partner@daffy.org, and we’ll make it happen!

  • Is a Daffy fund a brokerage account?

    No, all funds are exclusively owned and controlled by Daffy. Additionally, all funds are pooled into our investment portfolios — there are no individual accounts per member. RIAs have no fiduciary responsibilities when joining a Daffy fund as an advisor.

1 BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Charitable Giving Study. (New York, March 2022)