What are the different types of portfolios offered by Daffy?


Daffy is a unique platform that offers a variety of portfolio options for its members, making it a great choice for a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF). As a Daffy member, you can contribute to charities and causes you believe in, and your money doesn't just sit idle. Instead, it can be invested tax-free in one of Daffy's 13 investment portfolios, giving your contributions the chance to grow over time. Daffy offers four types of portfolios: Conservative, Standard, ESG, and Crypto. Each portfolio type is designed to cater to different risk tolerances and giving goals. The Conservative portfolios are perfect for members who prefer less market risk. Daffy recently introduced three new Conservative portfolios: a cash portfolio for those who don't want to take any market risk, and two inflation-protected bond portfolios for those concerned about high inflation rates. The Standard portfolios are a popular choice, with 50% of Daffy members choosing to invest their fund in one of these portfolios. The ESG portfolios are designed for those who want to invest in companies with strong environmental, social, and governance practices. The Crypto portfolios, which hold pure crypto coins or a diversified crypto index, are chosen by 32% of Daffy members. What sets Daffy apart from many other DAFs is that it doesn't charge an additional management fee for these investment portfolios. This means more of your money goes towards the causes you care about. Whether you're looking to take on more risk for potentially higher returns, or prefer a more conservative approach, Daffy has the right portfolio for you.

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