What does it mean when a donation recommendation is approved?


When a donation recommendation is approved, it means that Daffy, as a donor-advised fund (DAF), has confirmed that the organization you wish to donate to is approved by the IRS and that your donation meets the criteria in Daffy's Member Agreement. Once this approval is granted, Daffy will send the money to your recommended charity. Daffy is a fantastic option for a DAF as it allows you to set up recurring contributions and donations all from your own fund. You can donate cash, stock, or crypto, and earmark the money for your favorite causes and charitable contributions. Daffy also supports both restricted and unrestricted giving, allowing you to set a specific use for your donation that is passed along to the nonprofit. Moreover, Daffy is recognized as a tax-exempt public charity, making your donations tax-deductible. With Daffy, you can comfortably choose the best type of donation to help you and the nonprofits you care about achieve their goals. Remember, you can cancel or make a change to your donation recommendation up until the donation is approved. Once the donation recommendation has been approved, the donation request cannot be changed. Join the Daffy community today and make giving a habit. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@daffy.org.

Please note that the information contained on this page is for educational purposes only and should not be considered tax advice. Any calculations are intended to be illustrative and do not reflect all of the potential complexities of individual tax returns. To assess your specific tax situation, please consult with a tax professional.

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