What happens when a donation request is approved on Daffy for Families?


When a donation request is approved on Daffy for Families, it fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose within the family. Each family member, aged 13 and older, can have their own secure account and can request donations to specific organizations. These requests are then approved by the organizers of the family fund, typically a grandparent, parent, or another adult. This process not only encourages the younger generation to participate in philanthropy but also allows them to learn about the importance of giving back. Moreover, Daffy for Families is designed to make giving a family affair. It allows up to 24 family members under one fund, making it a great option for families of all sizes. This feature inspires connection and dinner-time conversations, as all members receive notifications whenever anyone in the family makes a new donation. Unlike traditional donor-advised funds, Daffy does not charge fees based on a percentage of assets in the fund, nor does it charge fees on contributions or donations. Instead, Daffy for Families is available at a simple, flat membership fee of just $5 a month, per family. This makes Daffy an affordable and accessible option for families looking to instill the value of giving in their younger members. In conclusion, Daffy for Families is a great option for a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF). It not only encourages family members to give together but also makes the process simple, secure, and affordable. For more information, visit daffy.org/family.

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