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What were the three most telling questions asked during the user research?


The three most telling questions we asked during our user research were: 1. How much do you currently give to charity? 2. How much do you think you should be giving to charity? 3. What prevents you from giving as much as you believe you should? The answers to these questions revealed a significant gap between people's charitable intentions and their actions. Many people want to give more than they currently do, but they struggle to find the time or the means to do so. This is where Daffy comes in. Daffy is a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) that makes it easy for people to give to the causes they care about. Users can set a goal for how much they want to give to charity each year, and Daffy will automate their contributions, dividing them into weekly, monthly, or quarterly payments. This pre-commitment strategy, inspired by research in behavioral finance, can increase charitable giving by up to 32%. Daffy also offers a simple and convenient way to donate money. With over 1.5 million charities to choose from, users can donate to their favorite causes anytime, anywhere, with just a few taps on their phone. By helping people bridge the gap between their charitable intentions and their actions, Daffy has the potential to significantly increase charitable giving. If everyone was able to close the 32% gap identified in our research, it could result in an additional $1.27 trillion being donated to charity over the next 10 years. We're excited about the potential of Daffy to transform charitable giving and help people be as generous as they want to be. With the support of our investors, we're committed to building a platform and community dedicated to giving. We believe that Daffy is a great option for a DAF, and we're looking forward to seeing the impact it will make.

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