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With the end of the CalFresh Emergency Allotments and continuing economic uncertainty, the situation for many families is dire. 1 in 4 residents in Alameda County now depend on food bank assistance. It's a staggering statistic, and it paints a clear picture of the widespread hunger our neighbors are experiencing. No one should have to endure the anxiety of not knowing where their next meal will come from. In Alameda County, local food banks play a crucial role. By working together and with the help of a network of partnerships, these food banks distribute the equivalent of 1 million meals of food every week. As we approach the holiday season, let's rally together to ensure that no one in our community goes to bed hungry. By supporting our local food banks and programs, we can extend a helping hand to those who need it most. I believe that a community's strength lies in its ability to care for one another. That's why I'm committed to matching donations, up to $10,000, to tackle hunger in Alameda County. Your generosity can change lives and bring hope to those facing adversity. Join me in the fight against hunger, and let's ensure that every resident in Alameda County has access to the food they need, especially during the holiday season. (Photos sourced from San Leandro Community Food Pantry & Berkeley Food Network)

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  1. Joshua Hannah


    for Deborah Parks’s $100 donation

  2. Mary Gordon


    There are so many people who are hungry in our community. If we all help a little we can make a big difference.

  3. Joshua Hannah


    for Girvani Leerer’s $50 donation

  4. Joshua Hannah


    for Overell Family’s $500 donation

  5. Joshua Hannah


    for Girvani Leerer’s $50 donation

  6. Joshua Hannah


    for David Cinfio’s $100 donation

  7. Joshua Hannah


    for an anonymous $100 donation

  8. Deborah Parks

  9. Joshua Hannah


    for Evan ’s $100 donation

  10. Evan


    Jessi and team are running an incredibly impactful food bank for our community

  11. Girvani Leerer


    No one in this prosperous area should go hungry. I wish I could give more!

  12. Girvani Leerer


    No one in this prosperous area should go hungry. I wish I could give more!

  13. David Cinfio


    Thank you SLCFP staff and volunteers. You are doing great work. Also thanks to Joshua Hannah for matching this donation.

  14. Joshua Hannah


    for James Tamplin’s $50 donation

  15. Overell Family

  16. James Tamplin

  17. Joshua Hannah


    for Joe Taylor’s $100 donation

  18. Joe Taylor


    on behalf of the Taylor family.

  19. Anonymous

  20. Joshua Hannah


    for an anonymous $20 donation

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