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Join the All the Hacks community in making a life-changing impact by supporting our campaign to sponsor a water project for a community in need. UPDATE: after hitting our $10k goal for one water project, we're going for two! Time and time again, we’ve seen how lives change when clean water begins to flow for the first time. Kids get to go to school, to play — to just be kids. Persistent health problems disappear. Businesses thrive. Your generosity will make a lasting difference and bring hope to a community in need. Join us today and be a part of this incredible journey towards a brighter future. Also, we'll be matching the first $5,000 of donations and if we hit our goal and are able to fund an entire project, we’ll be sharing updates on the project over the next ~2 years as it's completed! Big thanks for your charitable contribution! Chris + Amy Note: you don't need to set up a donor-advised fund with Daffy to contribute to the campaign, but if you want to set one up and use ​this link​ (, you'll get an extra $25 to donate to this or any other cause once you make your first contribution.

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    Clean water is a gift that I take for granted. Ensuring clean water for all moves the world forward for all- especially women and girls.

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    $20 for Brielle Petrie’s donation
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