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Hi friends and family, This coming Thursday, February 1st will be the 20th Anniversary of the passing of our dad, James B. Ayres, Jr., who died suddenly of a heart attack in 2004. In the wake of his death, our mother, Cathy Ayres, started a scholarship at our alma mater, Randolph High School. The James B. Ayres Jr. Memorial Scholarship is presented yearly to a graduating senior who shows a passion for sports and music while personifying our dad's hard work, dedication, and determination throughout their high school tenure. It has truly been an honor for us to present this award each year and we are grateful for all of you who donated in lieu of flowers nearly 20 years ago to help keep his memory alive! Our mom has always aspired to expand the scholarship offering beyond RHS to a deserving student at Woodbury High School, where our parents first met. To help her achieve this dream, we hope you'll consider donating to help us reach our goal of $10,000, which will allow us to give two (2) scholarships of $500 each year at each school in perpetuity. Any contribution large or small will help, and we'll be sure to keep everyone posted on how much we raise over the next few months. Thank you in advance for your donations! -Cathy Ayres, Lauren Golebiewski, Caitlin Harmon, and Jeffrey Ayres

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  1. Caroline Soares
  2. Dave Schmidt
  3. Adam Nash
  4. Steve and Emma O'Brien
  5. Daniel Wilson
  6. Paul Peskosky Jr

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  1. The Nadler Family


    The Ayres Family was central to ours as our children grew up. We were touched by kindnesses shown then, and are forever grateful.

  2. Victoria Georgetti

  3. Anonymous

  4. Anonymous

  5. Larson Family


    In honor of Jim Ayres - such a kind, wonderful person. What a great way to continue his legacy! Thinking of you all.

  6. Jeff Di Stasi

  7. Kenneth Johnson


    To my classmate and good friend!

  8. Christian Johnson

  9. Jeffrey Ayres


    On Behalf of Joan Wilson, In Loving Memory of my Son-In-Law.

  10. Jeffrey Ayres

  11. M. Dufflart


    This is an incredible way to honor your father’s legacy! I’m glad to be able to share in it.

  12. Anonymous

  13. Donavon West

  14. Celeste and John S.

  15. Lauren W. and Matt D.

  16. Michael Kennedy

  17. Alejandro Crosa

  18. Maria Viggiano


    What a beautiful way to honor your dad. ❤️

  19. Colleen Whaley

  20. Jeffrey Ayres


    On Behalf of Debbie and Jerry Tedino

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