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    Join us in supporting Trans Wiki (, the cornerstone resource empowering the Trans* (broader transgender) community in Israel with vital information and resources. As the largest and most authoritative knowledge base for this community, Trans Wiki provides guidance on healthcare, legal support, and community connections.

    This project has been brought to life through the collaborative efforts of Maavarim and the Gila Project, Israel's leading Trans* organizations. The mission of T Hub Initiative, our dedicated 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in California, focuses on publishing and maintaining the Trans Wiki platform, ensuring it remains an up-to-date and reliable resource. Generously financed by the European Union, the project is backed by expertise of staff and volunteers from our partner organizations.

    Now, we reach out for your support to fuel our progress and mission. Your generous contribution of $5,000 will guarantee Trans Wiki's resilient growth over the coming year, covering operational costs and essential development. Elevating your support to $7,500 will enable us to reach more diverse communities, providing more vital information in underserved languages like Arabic, English, Ukrainian, Russian, or Amharic. Our passionate volunteer team maximizes every dollar, utilizing cost-effective software and translation solutions to make a wider impact with minimal cost.

    Your contribution fuels this initiative, maintaining and expanding the reach of Trans Wiki. Every donation goes directly towards enhancing the platform and ensuring that the information remains available to all.

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