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How much money could you save by moving your DAF to Daffy?

The cost of a donor-advised fund with AUM-based admin fees really adds up over time. Calculate how much you could save each year by transferring your DAF to Daffy.

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According to Fidelity's website, they charge a minimum of 0.60% of assets or $100, whichever is greater, for accounts less than $500,000.

Save up to $84/year in admin fees by choosing Daffy

Over the next 10 years, you could give $840 more to charity by using Daffy over Fidelity.



Pay less in fees, and get a better giving experience

Give hassle-free

Not only was Daffy the first full-featured donor-advised fund iOS app, but we’re releasing new features and updates on a weekly basis. So if you’re tired of having to call someone to make a donation or just want to see more great tech come to charitable giving, Daffy is for you.

Make giving a family affair

In addition to adding your spouse or partner to your DAF, you can invite your children, grandchildren, siblings, or anyone else you consider family to your fund. Whenever a family member is inspired, they can request donations for your approval. Learn more about Daffy for Families.

Donate & invest crypto

Through our partnership with Coinbase, you can contribute 200+ different types of cryptocurrencies in minutes. Plus, you can invest in crypto through either a diversified crypto portfolio or pure crypto portfolios.

Transfer your DAF in minutes

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    Let us know you’re making a DAF transfer by clicking “Add Funds”

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    Sign in to your existing provider

    Make a grant of any amount to Daffy Charitable Fund (EIN: 86‑3177440) — we’re already connected to all traditional providers

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    That’s it!

    We’ll let you know once the funds are received