Build charitable giving into your app

Get started with Daffy APIs to incorporate giving into your app by integrating with our modern donor-advised fund platform.

Example code

We’ve open-sourced a few applications to demonstrate the power and flexibility of Daffy APIs, so you can start bringing your own ideas to life. More on GitHub →

Reward your team with charitable $

This Slack bot allows you to send a Daffy Gift, a digital charity gift card, to anyone on your team.

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Donate with every purchase

Miss using AmazonSmile? This Chrome plug-in makes donations based on your spending.

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Start building with Daffy

$ curl 
  -H "X-Api-Key: your-api-key"
	"name": "Lucas Avila",
	"fund_name": "Lucas Avila’s Fund",
	"summary": "Trying to be more generous, more often with Daffy",

API Documentation

A technical guide to making one-time or recurring donations, finding charities in our database of 1.5M+, sending Daffy Gifts, pulling giving history, and more.

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Partner with us

If you work for a personal finance app, roboadvisor, crypto app, financial advisory platform, or e-commerce site, you can easily add value to your customers by integrating Daffy features.

For access to private Partner APIs,

Help users set and track their giving

Help users save on taxes by donating stock & crypto

Encourage customers to donate a % of their purchase

Enhance your tax-loss harvesting & direct-indexing

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