Build charitable giving into your app

Get started with Daffy APIs to incorporate giving into your app by integrating with our modern donor-advised fund platform.

Example code

We’ve open-sourced a few applications to demonstrate the power and flexibility of Daffy APIs, so you can start bringing your own ideas to life. More on GitHub →

Reward your team with charitable $

This Slack bot allows you to send a Daffy Gift, a digital charity gift card, to anyone on your team.

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Donate with every purchase

Miss using AmazonSmile? This Chrome plug-in makes donations based on your spending.

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Start building with Daffy

$ curl https://public.daffy.org/v1/users/me 
  -H "X-Api-Key: your-api-key"
	"name": "Lucas Avila",
	"fund_name": "Lucas Avila’s Fund",
	"summary": "Trying to be more generous, more often with Daffy",

API Documentation

A technical guide to making one-time or recurring donations, finding charities in our database of 1.5M+, sending Daffy Gifts, pulling giving history, and more.

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Partner with us

If you work for a personal finance app, roboadvisor, crypto app, financial advisory platform, or e-commerce site, you can easily add value to your customers by integrating Daffy features.

For access to private Partner APIs,
contact partner@daffy.org

Help users set and track their giving

Help users save on taxes by donating stock & crypto

Encourage customers to donate a % of their purchase

Enhance your tax-loss harvesting & direct-indexing

Get in touch at partner@daffy.org