A gift that gives back

Looking for a thoughtful way to say thank you or an impactful gift for a generous person in your life? With Daffy Gifts, you can send a digital charity gift card along with a personal message in seconds.

CongratsHappy BirthdayThank You!

An easy & impactful gift

With Daffy Gifts, you choose the amount and they choose the charity.

Themes & Occasions

  • Thank You!
  • Happy Birthday
  • Congrats
  • Thinking of You
  • Congrats on your wedding
  • Cheering You On

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do Daffy Gifts work?

    Once you’ve created a Daffy account, you can send Daffy Gifts, digital charity gift cards — directly from your Daffy fund. The recipient can choose from any of the 1.5+ million charities, schools, and religious organizations supported on Daffy, without even creating a Daffy account.

    1. You choose a recipient and gift amount.
    2. You can add a personal message and send it to their email, or copy the link and send it to them, however, you’d like.
    3. The recipient chooses which charity they’d like to support.
    4. Once they select a charity, we’ll send you an email to approve it and the donation will be sent from your fund.

  • What charities can the recipient give to?

    Nearly any charity, school, or religious organization in the U.S.! Our database is populated with every US-based not-for-profit organization in good standing with the IRS. If their favorite charity isn’t listed, our team is happy to assist.

  • Do Daffy Gifts expire?

    Daffy Gifts do not expire and may be used at any time. If the balance of your fund is too low to process, we’ll email you to request that you contribute or cancel the Daffy Gift.

  • Are Daffy Gifts tax-deductible?

    The contributions you’ve made to your Daffy fund are tax-deductible in the year that they were made, so Daffy Gifts are not tax-deductible since you already received a tax deduction for that amount. Also, the recipient of your Daffy Gift is not entitled to a tax deduction for the value.