The Power of Setting a Giving Goal: Stories from Our Community

Danielle Otalora

· 2 min read

In my early days of joining Daffy, I had no concept of what a giving goal was. I believed I was a generous person. I volunteered my time at my local dog shelters, volunteered my skills as a marketer for an incredible organization called Rising Above the Storms, and already gave a little money to a handful of charities that reflected causes close to my heart.

But just like any other financial goal we set for ourselves, setting a giving goal wouldn’t just empower me to give more; it would help me give with intention, purpose, and a clear focus.

As Daffy’s Community Manager, I have the privilege of speaking to some of the kindest, most generous people I’ve ever met.

Their stories have become a source of inspiration for me to do more and I hope that by sharing, they do the same for you:


Earlier this month, we released personalized 2023 Year in Review recaps for each of our members—highlighting the amount they gave, if they hit or exceeded their giving, and their top charities. If you’re a member of Daffy, you can see your recap at daffy.org/home/giving-recap-2023.

“Goals help us to focus on what we find truly important. Having a giving goal aligns your values and/or faith with your pocketbook, and minimizes the chances that personal wants will crowd out the very real, urgent needs of our less-fortunate brothers and sisters.” — Anonymous
“When setting up my Daffy fund, I chose to list the amount we gave to charity last year. I had just finished taxes, so the number was fresh in my head. We exceeded our goal with Daffy's easy-to-use platform, especially the ability to donate appreciated stocks! I need to update our goal for 2024.” — Zach W.
“We have always set our giving goals at the beginning of the year. Having it part of the budget the whole year is helpful in actually fulfilling those goals. Also it allows you to intentionally give meaningful gifts.” — Anonymous
“Using Daffy transformed my approach to giving, making it seamless and thoughtful—like always having change for a wish in a fountain.” — Adam W.

I've shared this with many people in my life but the truth about working as a marketer at Daffy—beyond the surface of social posts, emails, or blogs, I’m telling stories. Stories that I hope to create a ripple effect of generosity.

So whether it's supporting a local charity, a cause close to your heart, your alma mater, or your religious institution, setting a giving goal can help us all truly make giving a habit. If you're not part of our community, get started by setting your goal, big or small.


And to our members, be sure to explore your 2023 Year in Review at daffy.org/home/giving-recap-2023 and share your story with us @DaffyGiving.