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6 Examples of What You Can Build with Daffy APIs

Danielle Villar

· 5 min read

Recently, we held our very first internal Daffy Hackday, and the results were nothing short of extraordinary. Inspired by the Hackdays introduced by our co-founder and CEO Adam Nash in his early days at LinkedIn (many of which our co-founder and CTO Alejandro Crosa triumphed in), our team had just 24 hours to create a new application using our Daffy APIs.

At Daffy, we believe in learning by doing, so once you’re done being inspired by the ideas and innovations from our Hackday, we can’t wait to see what ideas and features you have in store.

1. Daffy Integration with Zapier

By Dan Zajdband

Zapier, the no-code platform, becomes more generous with a Daffy integration. This project was created to empower anyone to effortlessly create custom triggers and actions, seamlessly connecting their favorite apps to Daffy's ecosystem.

Here are a couple of examples:

1. Birthday Trigger on Google Calendar: Imagine synchronizing your Gmail and Daffy accounts, so that whenever a birthday appears on your Google Calendar, an email will promptly be dispatched to the birthday person. This thoughtful message will include a link to a personalized Daffy Gift, a digital charity gift card, prior to the start of the event.

2. Instagram Trigger: By syncing your Instagram account with Daffy, you unlock a world of possibilities. Each time you post on Instagram, a donation could be automatically sent out. It's a powerful way to combine your social media presence with philanthropy.

And that's not all. With Daffy on Zapier, you can instantly connect with over 5,000 apps. For instance, you can integrate budgeting apps to trigger donations whenever you spend a certain amount of money on clothing. A seamless blend of personal finance management and charitable giving.

See more on Zapier.

2. Daffy Gifts for GitHub

By Donavon West

The Daffy Gift GitHub Action caters to developers and engineers who want to incentivize open-source contributions. It’s a bug bounty for charity!

By tagging specific issues, open-source maintainers can automatically gift a certain dollar amount for charity through Daffy Gifts to contributors who resolve those issues. This integration encourages collaboration, rewards developers' efforts, and helps advance open-source projects that may have otherwise been stagnant.

See more on GitHub.

3. The Giving Wheel

By Daiu Szwimer & Gustavo Mancini

Unsure how to support the causes you care most about? Or just want to have some fun with your giving? The concept of 'The Giving Wheel' was designed to help you generate actions for yourself aligned to the causes you care about.

The Giving Wheel presents several options, such as:

  1. Donate & Match: With this option, you can inspire your friends to join you in making a difference. The Giving Wheel generates a unique link for you to share, inviting your friends to match your donation.
  2. Challenge a Friend: Engage in friendly competition for a good cause. The wheel selects a random nonprofit for you to challenge your friends to donate $20 or more, igniting their spirit of generosity.
  3. The Gift of Giving: Here’s a tongue twister for you. Spread the gift of giving by gifting a $20 Daffy Gift to a friend!
  4. Secret Prize: If you land on this option, you’ll be surprised with either a $20 Daffy Gift exclusively for you to use and Daffy will match it or your last donation will automatically be duplicated.

See more on GitHub.

4. Good Neighbor iOS App

By Brielle Petrie, Dita Dewindita & Lucía Domenech

The Good Neighbor iOS App concept aims to seamlessly connect users with their local community by surfacing news specific to their city, while also providing a curated list of related nonprofits for donation opportunities. The idea of this application was intended to foster a strong sense of community, making giving a natural and integral part of everyday life.

And guess what? Our engineers purposely left certain features partially implemented in the code, so feel free to dive in and leverage this example as a starting point.

See more on GitHub.

5. Integration With OAuth2

By Sergio Xalambri

In this sample project, our developer Sergio sought to extend support for OAuth2, enabling other applications to allow their end-users to seamlessly log in using their Daffy accounts, much like the familiar "Login with Google/Apple" buttons featured on our login page.

By authorizing a third-party app to access their Daffy profile and facilitating login through it, users gain the ability to leverage the Public API on behalf of the end user. This opens up possibilities for building applications that cater to multiple users concurrently, expanding the scope of innovation and functionality.

It also introduces several use cases:

  1. Campaign App: This Remix example application utilizes Daffy's personal API keys and OAuth2 client integration to create a campaign for fundraising on behalf of a specific nonprofit organization. The campaign retrieves information about the nonprofit from Daffy's API using the personal API key, with the nonprofit's EIN defined as an environment variable. Users can authenticate via OAuth2 and contribute $18 donations to the chosen nonprofit.
  2. Matching Funds: This application enables users to create a matching fund campaign to support their preferred charity. Similar to the Campaign App, it retrieves nonprofit information from Daffy's API using the personal API key and the EIN specified as an environment variable. OAuth2 authentication allows end-users to donate to the nonprofit, and the chosen donation amount is utilized to create another donation, one for the owner of the personal API key and another for the end-user, but both with the same amount using the user's personal API key.

Integrating Daffy with OAuth2 facilitates authentication using Daffy accounts, streamlines the donation process, and simplifies sharing donation links with others.

6. The Giving Orbit, Visualize Your Year of Giving

By Pablo Fernandez & Lucía Domenech

Taking inspiration from Spotify's year-end recaps, the Giving Orbit concept enables every Daffy member to visualize their giving patterns. This application provides an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on your giving by visualizing the pace of your donations through color-coded circles. Each color represents a specific cause, and the size of the circle corresponds to the number of donations you have made toward that cause.

While we don’t have a public link to share yet, we love the idea of visualizing your giving trends for individuals and our entire community and would love to build on this idea in the future.

It’s Time to Build!

The applications our engineers and designers developed during our HackDay showcase just a fraction of the potential of Daffy APIs. So if you’re ready to show us what you got, you can find Developer resources at daffy.org/developer to access technical guides, sample code, and more.

We believe that every financial application should incorporate giving.

If you're passionate about integrating Daffy features into your application or platform, reach out to us at partner@daffy.org to explore our Partner APIs for deeper integrations.

Join us in shaping a future where generosity knows no bounds.

Discover more inspiring examples at https://github.com/daffyorg/examples.