10 Reasons to Donate with Daffy

The Daffy Team

· 5 min read

You likely already know why it’s important to donate to the causes and organizations you care about. But you may not know that choosing a one-stop shop for all your giving can add huge value to both your own experience and the charities you want to help.

With Daffy, you can contribute directly to charities on a regular basis while also investing for long-term giving goals. Under the hood is an innovative donor-advised fund, it’s like a 401k but for charitable giving. Plus, we pack in all the tech features you could want to make a seamless giving experience.

Hear straight from our members why they love Daffy as their centralized donation app for all their charitable contributions.

1. You will have a better system for giving, and it’ll help you be more generous

It’s easy to have the best of intentions to give more regularly, only to be sidetracked by other priorities in life. Whether you forget to find the time or have competing expenses, you may end up not giving as much as you meant to by the end of the year.

Daffy solves these problems by automating your charitable giving. You can set up one-time or recurring donations to help you donate more (and more proactively and intentionally).

2. You’ll never lose track of your donation receipts

Whether you DIY your taxes or use a professional, you’re still responsible for providing all of the financial data needed to maximize your tax deductions. Instead of scrolling through emails and paper mail (and probably missing some of your donations), Daffy organizes all of your donation receipts in one place. You’re all set to save time and money when tax season rolls around.

3. No minimum to get started and the most affordable DAF

It doesn’t make sense for tax-advantaged charitable giving to be reserved only for the ultra-wealthy. Other donor-advised funds have high minimum amounts (usually around $25,000) and hefty investment fees. Daffy membership plans, on the other hand, start at just $3 per month and you don’t have to worry about maintaining a minimum account balance.

Plus, we aren’t incentivized to keep your money from charities like traditional DAF providers. Instead of offering lowering fees for larger account balances (which only benefits the DAF provider), we have a low, flat-fee model that benefits you as a member and the charities we support. And if your account balance falls under $100, we’ll pause your membership fee.

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4. You can donate stock and ETFs easily

There are multiple tax benefits of donating appreciated stocks instead of cashing them in and contributing cash (TDLR: you can completely avoid capital gains tax while deducting the entire value of the donated stock).

And while it might seem like a major administrative headache to take advantage of these tax breaks, Daffy actually makes it incredibly easy to donate stock. It takes just a few minutes between your Daffy account and your brokerage account to initiate the transfer. Then, we sell the asset and make the cash value available in Daffy. You’re ready to donate AND celebrate some major tax savings!

5. You can give and invest in crypto

In 2021, the IRS ruled that crypto gains are subject to capital gains taxes just like other assets such as publicly traded stocks. That means you can donate your appreciated cryptocurrency to unlock the same tax savings as you would from donating stocks.

And if you want to invest some or all of your money in Daffy before earmarking funds for a charity, you can place those funds in one of our three crypto portfolios.

6. You can still direct your funds to specific uses or campaigns at charity

You can enjoy Daffy’s user experience while still designating specific uses for your charitable contributions instead of an unrestricted donation. So if you want to make sure your money is used for a certain program (like a non-profit’s scholarship fund), it’s easy to make that note within the memo field.

7. You’ll discover you can give more

You don’t have to donate your funds to a specific charity as soon as you contribute to your Daffy account. Instead, those funds are invested (at the risk level of your choice) until you’re ready to support a cause or charity.

Say you set aside $25 a month into your Daffy account. After just six months, you’ll have $150 at your disposal when something happens in the world that you need to support or stand up against.

8. You can set your own communication preferences with charities

We understand that charities use mail and email to update donors and solicit additional contributions throughout the year. But sometimes our mailboxes (both physical and electronic) feel overstuffed with promotions. When you donate through Daffy, you can set your own communication preferences to opt out of mailing lists.

9. You can make giving back a family value

Want to teach your kids to give? Daffy for Families creates an easy and fun giving experience for everyone in your inner circle. There are several different ways you can utilize Daffy for Families with your kids (or siblings, or other family members).

Our favorite feature is adding family members to your account and giving them access to make a donation request for your approval. It gives them the autonomy to make their own recommendations, and it gives you a starting point for meaningful conversations about the causes your kids care about.

10. It’s easy to join and give, some even say it’s “smooth as butter”

Need we say more? We built Daffy to simplify charitable giving. Whether you prefer the app or the online platform, our goal is to give members a streamlined experience that makes it easy to support the causes you care about. Join Daffy today and experience it for yourself!