5 Ways Your Non-Profit Can Leverage Daffy Campaigns

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When it comes to non-profit fundraising, innovation and creativity are essential. As organizations continue their critical efforts, coming up with new strategies to get donors excited and hit fundraising targets can be a real challenge. That's why in addition to being loved by our members, we’ve discovered that Daffy Campaigns can serve as a simple yet powerful addition to a non-profit’s fundraising toolkit. Here are 5 ideas on how your organization can harness the power of Daffy Campaigns for your next fundraising effort.

1. Ask an Existing Donor to Run a Matching Campaign

Matching campaigns are highly effective in incentivizing donations. In fact, according to The Big Give Research Initiative, 1 in 3 donors say they’d give a larger gift if someone matched their donation. By partnering with an existing donor who is already planning to donate, you can leverage their generosity to run a matching campaign. Who wouldn’t want the chance to turn a $5,000 donation into a $10,000 donation?

Matching campaigns also offer an opportunity to extend your reach beyond your existing network of donors. A great example is Scott Kleper’s campaign for Climate Solutions Accelerator, a non-profit organization that empowers municipalities to drive climate solutions tailored to their needs. By engaging an existing donor in your fundraising efforts, they are likely to share the campaign with their friends and family, inspiring others to donate, and exposing new people to your organization.

2. Run a Campaign for a Specific Program or Initiative

As all non-profit fundraisers know, donors aren’t motivated to give solely by dollars — they care deeply about the impact those dollars can have on the people or cause they are looking to support. That’s why one of our differentiating features is that campaign organizers can use “impact units” to help visually demonstrate the effect of donations. Whether you’re trying to provide meals for the homeless, classroom materials to your school, or fund wildlife protection initiatives, by directing fundraising efforts towards specific programs or initiatives, these visual representations bring the impact of their donation to life, making your cause more relatable and compelling.

For example, last November Josh Hannah decided to run a campaign for food banks in Alameda County. Rather than setting a fundraising goal of $20,000 for food banks in Alameda County, he specified that the campaign was aimed at providing 40,000 meals for families in need during the holiday season. With that, for every $20 donation, 40 meals will be provided.

3. Activate Your Board to Run Individual Fundraisers

Non-profit board members are often deeply invested in your organization's mission and well-connected within their local communities. By encouraging board members to run individual fundraisers within their professional networks, family, or friends, you not only empower them to take ownership of fundraising efforts but also drive new awareness and tap potential donors.

These potential donors can often include individuals with high-value assets like stock or cryptocurrency, which can be a significant draw for individuals seeking to avoid the capital gains tax and receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the appreciated asset. Accepting stock donations is also mutually beneficial for non-profits. According to Professor Russell James III, nonprofits that accept non-cash assets grow 5x faster than those accepting only cash.

By activating your organization’s board members and emphasizing the acceptance of non-cash assets like stock, non-profits can increase the amount of funds raised and create lasting change in the communities they serve. No campaign exemplifies the power of board-driven initiatives better than Ed Park's campaign for City Hope.

4. Activate Your Volunteers to Run Campaigns

One of the most passionate groups to support your cause are volunteers, and although not all volunteers have the financial means to make large donations, multiple small-dollar donations can add up. Unlike other platforms that charge hefty fees, Daffy Campaigns allows anyone to launch a fundraiser without any donation processing or setup fees. This way, even volunteers with limited financial resources can still meaningfully contribute to your cause.

For instance, Danielle has been a long-time, passionate volunteer for the organization Rising Above the Storms (RAS), a non-profit that advocates for at-risk and orphaned youth in underdeveloped areas of the world. Wanting to tap into that passion and foster a sense of ownership and investment in RAS’s mission, their founder Alphonsine Anderson, encouraged her to run her own campaign. Eager to help make a difference, Danielle embraced the opportunity, launched her campaign, and shared it with her friends and family. In doing so, she increased awareness of RAS and successfully raised $500.

While this may not seem like much on its own, its impact is magnified when viewed collectively. Imagine replicating Danielle's success with 10 other volunteer campaigns: $5,000 in total. This shows that each volunteer campaign, regardless of size, can contribute to an overall fundraising goal and demonstrates the power of community-driven initiatives.

5. Leverage QR Codes & Posters for In-Person Events or Storefronts

Daffy Campaigns makes it easy to share your campaign with your network online and offline. After creating a campaign, Daffy generates a poster that includes a personalized QR code. For organizations that fundraise at storefronts, QR codes offer an easy way to direct individuals to donate, even if they don't have cash readily available.

Similarly, you can print the custom campaign posters and hang them at local churches, schools, or workplace bulletin boards. You can even make a few copies to hand out at events, reunions, or religious services. Either is a great tool to engage with potential donors and raise awareness about your non-profit's mission.

From inspiring more generous donations to clarifying the impact of contributions, and broadening the scope of charitable giving, Daffy Campaigns offers creative solutions to elevate your fundraising efforts. To join us, visit daffy.org/fundraisers and start your first campaign today.

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