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Better Yields on Daffy Conservative Portfolios

Adam Nash

· 2 min read

At Daffy, our mission is to help people be more generous, more often. We believe that helping people put money aside for charity helps close the genosity gap and can lead to 32% more giving.

One of the biggest benefits of using a donor-advised fund for money set aside for charity is that it can be invested, tax-free, and available whenever you are inspired to give. At Daffy, we work hard to ensure that our members have a wide variety of investment options, ranging from conservative portfolios of cash & bonds to globally diversified portfolios of low-cost index funds to native crypto portfolios.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we have updated our conservative portfolio options for members with improved options and higher yields.

Three New Conservative Portfolios

In 2022, we added conservative portfolios to our platform for members who did not want to take the increased volatility and risk associated with the stock market and/or have a shorter timeline for their giving. While these portfolios have proven popular with our members, one of the most common requests from members was for options with higher yields.

As a result, in December 2023, we have upgraded our conservative portfolio options with the following new options for members:

  • Cash: We have updated our cash portfolio for people who want minimal capital risk with a market yield. 2023 has seen a huge increase in market rates, and not surprisingly, our members have asked for a higher-yielding option. Our new cash portfolio uses a money-market fund to provide a 4.43% yield net of fees*, invested in government-backed securities.
  • Inflation-Protected Bonds: For members looking for inflation protection, we offer a portfolio made up exclusively of US Treasury Inflation-Protected securities. Utilizing low-cost index funds from Vanguard and Schwab, this portfolio has a low average expense ratio of 0.03% and recently yielded 4.35%.*
  • Diversified Bonds: For members looking for a portfolio of higher-yielding assets without any equity market exposure, the new diversified bond portfolio offers a diversified mix of US treasury, corporate, and floating-rate bonds. This portfolio features a low average expense ratio of 0.12% and recently yielded 6.03%.*

As with all of our investment portfolios, the new conservative options are rebalanced daily, automatically reinvest interest, and are fully liquid, enabling members to make donation recommendations from their donor-advised funds any time they are inspired to give.

*All yields and expense ratios are as of 12/7/2023. Yield is the SEC 30-day yield provided by each fund manager.

Save. Invest. Give.

We hope that by adding these new upgraded investment options for our members even more people will be encouraged to set aside money regularly, invest that money properly, and then give generously to the organizations and causes that they believe in.

So whether you are looking for a conservative portfolio of cash or bondsa standard portfolio of low-cost index funds, ESG portfolios that reflect your values, or modern crypto portfolios, you can find the right fit for your contributions at Daffy.

Daffy is the Donor-Advised Fund for You™.