Family Accounts Are Now Live!

The Daffy Team

· 2 min read

At Daffy, our mission is to help people be more generous, more often. And while giving is often very personal, we also know that couples often want to share and discuss the organizations they support with each other.

We’re proud to share that, as of today, Family accounts are now available on Daffy. With Family Accounts, we’ve tried to give households the best of both worlds: the power of a personal profile combined with a shared family fund.

With a Family account, both partners can contribute to and donate from the same fund. Each member will have their own personal profile: secure login and credentials, the ability to contribute through their own financial accounts (a bank transfer, debit/credit cards, crypto, or stock), and their own unique list of favorite charities on Daffy.

The fund, however, is shared, which includes the investment portfolio, the ability to set an annual giving goal as a family, and of course, the ability to track all donations in one easy place.

Designed to Support Everyone’s Giving

Our team designed family accounts knowing that couples want an easy way to keep track of their charitable giving and support one another in their philanthropic passions but may have different charities and causes they each support.

For example, take our team member Chelsea - she’s passionate about women’s issues. Her husband Evan is eager to support local education and housing initiatives. With the Daffy family account, they can both give from the same fund, anytime and anywhere, while still keeping track of their charitable spending in one place. Plus, when it comes around to tax season, they will have all their charitable contributions for the year in one simple location.

How to Add Your Partner on Daffy

If you’re already a Daffy member, you can go into your Settings and click Family to add an additional member to your account. Your partner will receive an email invitation. When they click the link, they will be asked to create their own account, and then offered to join the fund you have already established.

If you’re not a Daffy member yet, sign up now and you’ll be asked if you’d like to set up a Family account during the sign-up process.

If you and your partner are both already Daffy members and you’d like to combine your funds, you can contact us here—and we’ll get this squared away for you.

Here at Daffy, we’d like to think couples that give together, stay together, so we hope this makes it easier for your family to give more generously this year!