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5 Ways to Share Your Daffy Campaign (with Fundraising Templates!)

The Daffy Team

· 3 min read

Once your Daffy Campaign is live, it's time to share it with others! Researchers found that for 85% of charitable donations, people gave because someone asked them.

While it may seem scary, a direct ask for support is incredibly powerful. Most giving is through our network and community. This means that the majority of people give to charity because of a personal connection. Making a personal appeal for donations is compelling when you focus on three themes:

  1. 💖 Why You Care: What idea, story, or personal experience drove you to set up a campaign on behalf of the selected charity or charities?
  2. 🎯 Your Campaign Goals: How much do you want to raise and why? How or how many people will be impacted? Do the dollars raised translate into a unit (i.e., meals, backpacks, etc.)? Is your campaign offering a personal donation match from you?
  3. 🤝 Support Needed: Obviously, you want people to donate to your campaign, but are there other ways they can help? In addition to donating, don’t forget to ask your supporters to share your campaign to expand your fundraising reach.

Below are examples of how to share your campaign with your network online and offline.


Here’s an email template to adapt and send to friends and loved ones to encourage them to contribute to your fundraiser.

Text Message

One quick way to share your campaign is through text messages. Make sure to customize your text based on how you’re sending it (group text or individual text). As with most texts, try to keep your message short and to the point.


A big part of your social network is at work. Consider sharing your campaign with colleagues on Slack or through other workplace messaging platforms.

Social Media

When sharing your fundraiser on social media, it's important to convey your message clearly and compellingly. Below are some templates to get you started! 🚀

Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Threads, BlueSky, etc.


We recommend posting to both your Instagram feed and IG story so that you can share the URL link in the story and put it also in your bio. Make sure to choose an image that inspires your friends to support your fundraiser!


Daffy makes it easy to share your campaign with your network both online and offline. After you create your campaign, Daffy generates a PDF poster of your campaign that includes a personalized QR code.

Click the “Print Poster” link on your campaign page to generate a printable poster and personalized QR code.

Print your custom campaign poster and hang it on your church, school, or workplace bulletin board. Or make a few copies to hand out at events, reunions, or religious services.

No matter how you choose to share your campaign, your efforts will inspire generosity in others and benefit the causes you care about.