A modern giving program your employees will love

Let employees give to the causes close to their hearts, and Daffy for Work will take care of the rest.

Loved by modern companies & their employees


Daffy for Work, a simple workplace‑giving solution

  • Attract and retain top talent

    75% of Millennial employees say it’s important for employers to match employees' charitable contributions. This is why 65% of Fortune 500 companies already offer a corporate giving program. With Daffy, you can effortlessly attract and retain talent by providing them access to a modern giving account.

  • Increase employee engagement

    Over $4 billion earmarked for employer-giving programs goes unclaimed each year due to the outdated and cumbersome nature of existing programs. Daffy eliminates the need for employees to upload donation receipts and any discomfort with sharing the specific charities they support with their employer.

  • Showcase your company’s values

    Demonstrate your culture of giving back and avoid alienating employees with centralized giving programs or one-off fundraisers by empowering your employees to give to the organizations that matter most to them.

Roll out a modern giving program in minutes, not months

  • Customizable and scalable

    Easily customize your company’s giving program by choosing to gift or match a certain amount.

  • Effortless to launch and manage

    No payroll or IT is required. You can launch your program today, immediately track adoption, and share impact in real time.

  • Low-cost and remote-friendly

    With no setup costs, annual admin fees, or fees based on donations, Daffy is over 70% more affordable than Benevity, at just $3/mo per participating employee.

You’ll save almost $100 per employee per year by choosing Daffy over Benevity. That saves up to $200,000 per year for a company with 2000 employees.

Why employees love it

  1. 1

    Donate to all their favorite charities and track tax receipts in one place

  2. 2

    Get donations matched without any paperwork or need to disclose the specific charities you support

  3. 3

    Access a tax-advantaged account for giving, just like a 401(k) for retirement except for charity

  4. 4

    Contribute appreciated stock and over 120+types of crypto

  5. 5

    Set a giving goal and track their impact over time


We were able to set up our first giving program so quickly with Daffy, and have seen incredible engagement with over 70% of our team participating.

Yaakov Zar

Yaakov Zar

Founder, Lev


Implementing Daffy as a tool to enable our teams to support the charities they care about, in a secure and trackable manner, was an obvious choice. It serves as a valuable benefit to retain and attract top talent.

Archie Reynolds

Archie Reynolds

Head of People, Titan


Acorns is focused on looking after the financial best interests of our customers and team, through all of life's stages. We're excited to partner with Daffy to help our team give to the causes and organizations that are closest to their hearts.

Noah Kerner

Noah Kerner

CEO, Acorns


The most successful companies and teams prioritize fostering a culture of employee engagement and excellence. Offering Daffy helps you do just that and without any administrative burdens.

Ross Fubini

Ross Fubini

Managing Partner, XYZ VC

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Daffy for Work make sense for teams?

    Absolutely! Daffy for Work is fully customizable to suit the needs of teams and organizations of all sizes. All it takes is a credit card to get started. You can decide how much you want to gift each team member and how often.

  • Why is Daffy for Work so inexpensive?

    Daffy for Work was designed from the ground up to allow companies of all sizes to launch an employee-giving benefit in minutes and without all the hidden costs. With Daffy, you’ll pay a flat $3/mo per participating employee, plus the fixed contribution or match amount. That’s it!

  • Can Daffy for Work help us with compliance?

    Yes! Daffy for Work is fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations around charitable giving for your employees and your company, so rest easy knowing that your giving program is in good hands.

  • What kind of support does Daffy for Work provide?

    Our team is available to help you every step of the way, whether you need help getting started or optimizing your giving program. Check out more FAQs and if you have any questions you can always contact us.

Ready to empower your employees to be more generous, more often?