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We built Daffy to help you be more generous, more often

A word from Co-founder & CEO Adam Nash

Our better system for giving

Set money aside for charity

With a donor-advised fund account through Daffy, you can contribute cash, stock & crypto in lump sums or on a recurring basis.

Grow your giving tax-free

With Daffy, your funds aren't stagnant — they’re invested tax-free in the portfolio of your choice.

Give from one place

Make one-time or recurring donations to charities, schools, and religious organizations any time you’re inspired.

Even launch a fundraiser

Involve your family, friends, and community in raising funds together with Daffy Campaigns.

Daffy in the news

Daffy is organized around a simple idea that it would be much better if everyone put something aside for those less fortunate.

A start-up (Daffy) used the Hebrew word 'chai' and its numerical match, 18, to bump up giving amounts.

Daffy is challenging Vanguard on price, and by a huge margin.

Daffy blows away the competition in the DAF space on basically every metric. Daffy spices up the act of giving, all while helping you do it efficiently.

Daffy will make it easier for investors without large amounts of wealth to take advantage of tax-planning opportunities around giving.

Daffy for Work - a type of charitable 401(k) that could unlock billions in U.S. charities.

Join thousands of members


set aside for charity in 2023 (a 425% increase YoY)


charities, schools, and religious institutions supported on Daffy


increase YoY in the average amount per donating member

Meet our investors and advisors

We are fortunate to have the support of top Silicon Valley investors and 50+ angel investors and advisors across the tech and non–profit sectors.

Ribbit Capital
XYZ Ventures
Coinbase Ventures
Cleo Capital
Roc Nation

Meet our team

We’re a small and mighty team, spread across the globe. We believe that, with the right combination of technology and design, we can all be more generous.

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Innovations since we launched