Frontend Engineer

Sergio Xalambrí

Sergio Xalambrí

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Hey! I'm Sergio, and I work as a web developer at Daffy from Perú.

In 2021 I joined Daffy, while still in stealth mode, to kick off the application working on the API of the platform and getting the web application ready for launch.

In the last year, we worked on many things here for the web, like ensuring it's fault-tolerant, making the different URLs load as fast as possible, implementing the UI for various features like connecting bank accounts, credit cards, crypto. Etc. With more coming soon.

We also give us time to reflect on previous features and improve them by changing things to continue to improve the UX or refactoring things to improve our DX.

If you join me, you will be part of a team with lots of control over how we make our web better; we will work together to craft the future of donor-advised funds on the web and help create the API the mobile apps use.

About you:

  • Mission-driven and excited to bring Daffy’s vision to a reality
  • Enthusiasm for developing web apps, shown through previous projects and work experience
  • Growth mindset & coachable (open to learn even if you don’t know something)
  • Ability to work independently and cross-functionally
  • Eager to collaborate with others and work on a distributed team
  • Experimental mindset, willing to test new ideas quickly


  • Experience building for the web, both browser and server side.
  • Knowledge of standard web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and HTTP features.
  • Experience working on big React.js and scaling the codebase.
  • Experience building responsive web apps and landing pages.
  • Experience working with and crafting Design Systems from the ground

Bonus points

  • Experience with TailwindCSS or another uility-first CSS framework.
  • Experience with Remix.
  • Experience using TypeScript.
  • Experience building APIs and admins with Ruby on Rails and writing test for them.
  • Experience using Cypress for integration and E2E testing.
  • Knowledge of Accessibility and experience building accessible user interfaces.
  • Experience building progressively enhanced applications.


  • Build and own new features designed by our design team using React and Remix.
  • Create, document and maintain UI components for the design system.
  • Give feedback to the design team.
  • Create, update and maintain API endpoints to be consumed by the web and mobile application.
  • Write integration tests for the web application and the API.
  • Code landing pages for the marketing team.
  • Optimize the web application to be faster.
  • Writer internal documentation for the rest of the team.