Camp Fire North Shore

Camp Fire North Shore

Lynn, MA 01904
Tax ID04-2103970

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About this organization






Camp Fire North Shore’s mission is to build caring, confident youth and future leaders. Helping a young person become who they want to be takes time and encouragement. We listen, we encourage, and we provide the opportunity to uncover each young person’s individual interests. We help young people become the exceptional people they are destined to be. Our Promise: Young people want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice and discover who they are. In Camp fire, it begins now. Light the fire within!

Interesting data from their 2017 990 filing

The purpose of the non-profit is stated in the filing as “See page 1, part i, line 1”.

Their activities were defined as: “To provide, through programs and informal education, opportunities for youth to realize their potential and to function as caring, self directed individuals, responsible to themselves and others. as an organization, we seek to improve those conditions that affect youth.”.

  • As per legal requirements, the non-profit's state of operation is reported as MA.
  • The non-profit's address in 2017 as per the filing is 2 CAIN ROAD, SALEM, MA, 01970.
  • The form of the non-profit organization shows 86 employees as of 2017.
  • Is not a private foundation.
  • Expenses are between $500,000 and $1,000,000+.
  • Revenue is between $500,000 and $1,000,000+.
  • Revenue less expenses is $2,753.
  • The organization has 11 independent voting members.
  • The organization was formed in 1949.
  • The organization pays $581,530 in salary, compensation, and benefits to its employees.
  • The organization pays $9,419 in fundraising expenses.