Greyston Foundation, Inc.

Greyston Foundation, Inc.

Yonkers, NY 10703
Tax ID13-3717310

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Greyston unlocks the power of human potential through inclusive employment, one person at a time.


To put our program accomplishments in context, in the 1980s, Roshi Bernie Glassman, now an internationally acclaimed American Buddhist social activist, recognized that the opportunity of employment is the gateway out of poverty and towards self-sufficiency. In response, in 1982, he opened Greyston Bakery to provide jobs for adults typically excluded from mainstream employment opportunities. He declared an open hiring policy, which offers jobs without pre-judging applicants. From this visionary hiring policy, a larger mission grew. Low-income apartments were built or acquired for the homeless to provide housing for bakery workers and their neighbors. Soon after, the Greyston Early Learning Center was founded to ensure that a lack of high-quality, low cost early education was never a barrier to work for tenants and Greyston Bakery employees. As the AIDS epidemic spread, Greyston responded by opening Issan House -- housing and supportive services for people living with HIV/AIDS. Growing awareness of health disparities for minority communities and growing concerns about the environment prompted the creation of the community gardens and environmental education program. In 2008, Greyston launched a workforce development program providing comprehensive hard and soft skills job training and job placement support. Building on our successful history of open hiring, Greyston launched the Center for Open Hiring at Greyston in 2018 to facilitate the widespread adoption of open hiring within the US and beyond. Most significant activities and how they are tied into our mission. Throughout its history, Greyston has been a leader in addressing systemic poverty through business innovation and social inclusion. This leadership continues today: in recognition of our use of socially engaged entrepreneurship to address urban poverty, Greyston Bakery, Inc. became the first certified benefit corporation in New York State - a designation bestowed upon companies which use business to solve social and environmental problems. Additionally, our 25,000 square foot commercial bakery, located in southwest Yonkers, NY is a LEED-certified green building. Greyston Bakery produces more than 30,000 pounds of brownies daily and over seven million pounds annually. In 2017, open hiring employees of Greyston Bakery worked over 126,000 hours. In addition, 135 individuals were employed through open hiring and over 2,400 hours of training were conducted. Greyston Bakery is capitalizing on its success with key customers such as Unilever/Ben & Jerry's, Amazon/Whole Foods Market and Delta Airlines by expanding distribution to other grocery and foodservice channels in 2018, which we expect will lead to more open hiring opportunities. This is an exciting time for this pioneering social enterprise. Among the many accolades and recognitions received throughout 2017, Greyston was invited to speak at the White House about the Fair Chance Business Pledge, Greyston Bakery was listed as 'Best for the World' by B Lab, and our organization was regularly in national media outlets including Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine. Greyston Workforce Development provides individuals with the skills and resources required to enter and thrive in the workforce by offering training, career counseling and job placement as well as job retention services for members of the community. In addition, Greyston offers training to young adults, ages 16-24. Courses are designed to be responsive to the current needs of employers and, thus, change from time to time. Current offerings include construction trades, culinary and pastry arts and security guard training. Program graduates receive certifications requested by employers - such as ServSafe licensing in the food sector. In addition to soft skills coaching, resume preparation and interview practice sessions, Greyston Workforce Development also supports secondary students through the In-School-Youth program. Operating since 2009, Greyston Workforce Development has trained over 700 people and placed more than 450 with local companies, agencies and organizations. In 2017, there were 101 graduates of training programs, of which 61% achieved employment. Greyston Community Gardens, a community center without walls, manages ten locations of safe and productive green space in a dense urban environment, nurturing a healthy and sustainable community. Offering community based environmental education, running the Enviro-Earth Club and creating special community projects, Greyston Community Gardens supports the overall Greyston mission of creating thriving communities. Cultivating an ethos of personal responsibility, community participation and mutual respect, Greyston Community Gardens harvests and distributes over 14 tons of fresh produce annually. Operating since 1995, Greyston Community Gardens engages over 4000 Yonkers citizens annually. In 2017, over 400 plots were cultivated by community members, which produced 28,000 pounds of produce that was distributed in the community. Issan House (the principal program of the related Greyston Health Services not-for-profit entity) is a 35-unit supportive care housing facility for formerly homeless people living with HIV/AIDS, 95% of whom have a dual diagnosis of mental illness and drug and alcohol addiction. Issan is the only facility of its kind in Westchester County. Individuals residing at Issan House have a permanent home and access to ongoing services while striving toward personal self-sufficiency. Each year, 40-50 tenants are provided with an array of specialized social services including case management, counseling, benefits assistance, life skills training, advocacy, appointment escorts, referrals to other services and three nutritious meals daily. In 2017, 41 individuals were housed with multiple case management meetings offered daily.

Interesting data from their 2020 990 filing

According to the filing, the non-profit's mission is “See schedule o”.

When referring to its actions, they were described as: “See schedule o”.

  • According to the law, the state of operation reported by the non-profit is NY.
  • As per the filing, the address of the non-profit for 2020 is 21 PARK AVENUE, YONKERS, NY, 10703.
  • According to their form, the non-profit as of 2020 has a total of 44 employees.
  • Is not a private foundation.
  • Expenses are greater than $1,000,000.
  • Revenue is greater than $1,000,000.
  • Revenue less expenses is $578,885.
  • The organization has 12 independent voting members.
  • The organization was formed in 1993.
  • The organization pays $2,038,736 in salary, compensation, and benefits to its employees.
  • The organization pays $719,168 in fundraising expenses.

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