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Cup Of Cold Water Ministries

Cup Of Cold Water Ministries

Sheridan, IL 60551
Tax ID36-3084386

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About this organization







Helping people to go, proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel where God has called them to serve.


The ministry in the United States consists primarily of three unique functions. First and foremost, it is the base of operations that supports the sending of missionaries to serve in the foreign countries of Bolivia, Mongolia, India, Canada, Thailand, and Liberia. The staff that completes this task includes three part-time employees and one full-time employee that shares his time with administrative, program and fundraising functions. The second major function of U.S. program activities includes the operation of the Pine Ridge Christian Center. This is a 23-acre retreat center that is made available to churches, missionaries, pastors and other like-minded groups for the purpose of spiritual retreats, rest, education, and training. The lodge sleeps 24 people and the Larson House is a five bedroom home dedicated to serving missionaries. The third primary function of the US-based ministry is an individual full-time missionary who serves in street and jail ministry. He also is called on from time to time to speak and minister in foreign countries. The fourth major ministry role is that of coordinating short-term missions trips. During 2017, a medical team also went into the remote jungle area on the River Secure among the Tipnis Indian with medical and dental services and to assist the local pastor and his assistants. We also hosted several experiential interactive events known as "A Walk In Their Shoes" which worked toward helping participants understand by experiencing what it is like to be amount the unreached people groups, refugees, suffering poor and strangers in a strange land. Several other missions and ministry oriented seminars and classes were also hosted by CCWM personnel.

Interesting data from their 2020 990 filing

From their filing, the objective of the non-profit is stated as “"to glorify our lord jesus christ by faithful proclamation of his word and by loving service to our fellow man, especially the poor and disadvantaged, both home and abroad." cup of cold water ministries primary means of accomplishing our purpose is to help people go to where god has called them to serve. currently that includes the countries of bolivia, mongolia, india, thailand, canada, guatemala, liberia and the united states. we believe in proclaiming the gospel, and demonstrating the gospel. in addition to international activities, we also host seminars and conferences, and also host churches and similar organizations at our retreat center for various retreats and events. in short, we help people to go to places where god has called them to serve.”.

When talking about its functions, they were outlined as: “In short, cup of cold water ministries help people to go where god has called them to serve. we send christian missionaries to the mission field both at home and abroad. mission statement "to glorify our lord jesus christ by faithful proclamation of his word and by loving service to our fellow man, especially the poor and disadvantaged, both home and abroad."”.

  • The legally reported state of operation for the non-profit is IL.
  • According to the filing, the non-profit's address in 2020 is 402 2nd Avenue, Ottawa, IL, 61359.
  • The non-profit organization as of 2020 has a total of 13 employees reported on their form.
  • Is not a private foundation.
  • Expenses are between $500,000 and $1,000,000+.
  • Revenue is between $500,000 and $1,000,000+.
  • Revenue less expenses is $47,539.
  • The organization has 13 independent voting members.
  • The organization was formed in 1978.
  • The organization pays $218,562 in salary, compensation, and benefits to its employees.
  • The organization pays $31,382 in fundraising expenses.

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