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Youth On Record

Denver, CO 80204
Tax ID42-1724770

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Our Mission: Youth on Record empowers Colorado’s underserved youth to achieve their academic, artistic, and personal best by employing local, professional artists as their educators. Our Vision: Youth on Record’s vision is for youth to discover how their voice and value can create a better world.


Youth Empowerment StrategyOur programs are designed to create positive alternatives for self-destructive behaviors through engaging, transformative music education that enables teens to graduate high school, and prepares them for college and creative careers.Our strategy combines providing 1.) engaging, in-school, for-credit high school coursework, 2.) compelling out-of-school-time opportunities for teens and 3.) relevant advanced job skill training at our state-of-the-art music facility.In-School Coursework:Our for-credit courses - which are the inroad to all Youth on Record programming - are designed to motivate young people to attend class and graduate on-time, and in the case of the RTCs, to help students successfully stay on-track with their treatment plans. Students who appear to be at-risk of dropping out of school and who are engaging in destructive behaviors are identified by their school teachers and administrators, and are strongly encouraged to enroll in YOR programming as part of their Individual Education Plans and Treatment PlansOut-of-School-Time Activities: Youth on Record current provides "Open Lab" on Fridays and Saturdays, which is an out-of-school-time opportunity for teens who are currently enrolled in our programs to work on their classroom projects, collaborate with area teens in a healthy, pro-social music environment, learn from local Colorado musician mentors, and build a healthy and strong community in our state-of-the-art recording studio and music lab.Advanced Job Skills Training: Through our new state-of-the-art sound and recording studios, YOR launched an audio engineering program offering through its YOR Session bringing together local national and international recording artists to record in its studio. Taught by professional audio engineers, this course will provide our students with advanced technical skills transferable to internships and jobs in Denver's booming creative sector. We will select 10-18 economically disadvantaged teen from our programs to join our Advanced Career Training course, which will provide contracted employment and job training for them through Denver Housing Authority's Youth Employment Academy. Students will facilitate music production, instrumentation, recording and sound mixing. They will also staff our outdoor concert series and live recording sessions.Statement of NeedYOR is motivated by a belief, born out by our work and evaluations, that at-risk youth are capable of creativity, innovation and hard work if provided support and opportunity in a safe, nurturing and culturally resonant environment The young people we serve face many troubling realities. In the low-income neighborhood where our Youth Media Studio is located, the Denver Public Schools graduation rate is below 15%; the district wide drop-out rate is 37%: the drop-out rate for students of color increases from 20% to 40%. More than 90% of the students we serve come from families who qualify for TANF. Our target populations reflect data reported by Denver's Office of Children's Affairs, which stated that 8-9% of Colorado youth age 13-19 were neither in school nor employed in 2012. Among Latino youth (age 16-24) that rate was 19%. The rate for African Americans was nearly 16%. We aim to reach these students - those who report the highest needs and limited resources.Launched in 2014, this innovative approach is gaining local and national recognition. Success is already evident in our outcomes. For example, attendance for YOR students in the 2015 academic year was 81%--100% higher than that of non-YOR students. Of 139 students surveyed at four YOR partner schools in 2015, 71% increased their GPA. YOR is on track to raise those percentages--to 85% attendance and 75% GPA increase at four schools, respectively--in 2015.Target PopulationYOR serves a population that many have written off. Low-income youth from Denver's urban core who are at-risk and off-track to graduate from high school. Many are older "opportunity youth" between the ages of 16-24--also known as "disconnected youth"-- who are neither in school nor working. Many have been expelled for engaging in destructive behaviors. In the nine Alternative Pathways DPS public high schools where YOR offers for-credit classes, we work with school teachers and administrators to identify students and to build YOR programming into their Individual Education Plans.More than 90% of young people in YOR programs come from families who qualify for TANF. Nearly half of our Youth Media Studio neighbors live below the poverty line. Our students are an ethnically diverse group that includes 85% Latino and 12% African American teens, 54% of students identify as male, 46% identify as female.

Interesting data from their 2020 990 filing

The purpose of the non-profit is outlined in the filing as “Youth on record empowers colorado's under-served youth to achieve their academic, artistic, and personal best by employing local professional artists as their educators. vision: youth on record's vision is for youth to discover how their voice and value can create a better world.”.

When discussing its operations, they were defined as: “Youth on record empowers colorado's under-served youth to achieve their academic, artistic, and personal best by employing local professional artists as their educators. vision: youth on record's vision is for youth to discover how their voice and value can create a better world.”.

  • The state where the non-profit operates has been legally reported as CO.
  • The filing indicates that the non-profit's address in 2020 is located at 1301 West 10th Avenue, Denver, CO, 80204.
  • The non-profit has reported 10 employees on their form as of 2020.
  • Does not operate a hospital.
  • Does not operate a school.
  • Does not collect art.
  • Does not provide credit counseling.
  • Does not have foreign activities.
  • Is not a donor advised fund.
  • Is not a private foundation.
  • Expenses are between $500,000 and $1,000,000+.
  • Revenue is greater than $1,000,000.
  • Revenue less expenses is $152,870.
  • The CEO's remuneration policy within the organization is established through an impartial review and endorsement process.
  • The organization has a written policy that describes how long it will retain documents.
  • The organization has 11 independent voting members.
  • The organization was formed in 2008.
  • The organization has a written policy that addresses conflicts of interest.
  • The organization is required to file Schedule B.
  • The organization is required to file Schedule O.
  • The organization pays $471,835 in salary, compensation, and benefits to its employees.
  • The organization pays $143,932 in fundraising expenses.
  • The organization provides Form 990 to its governing body.
  • The organization has minutes of its meetings.
  • The organization has fundraising events.
  • The organization's financial statements were reviewed by an accountant.

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