Wood Family Foundation

Wood Family Foundation

Chicago, IL 60601
Tax ID45-1256875

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Improve the lives of Chicago area children by providing long term support and services.


During the 2018-2019 academic year, Pitch In served 90 students in 4th-8th grade at Lawndale Community Academy in Chicago's North Lawndale neighborhood and Richard Yates Elementary school in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood. There are five program components that constitute the core of the Pitch In model that drives our students' success:1. Deep school partnership: Pitch In works hand-in-hand with partner schools to drive the greatest benefit and impact for students. Pitch In connects with elementary school leaders and teacher teams to identify and prioritize school needs. We refurbish an existing classroom, transforming it into the "Pitch In Resource Room, and Pitch In operates from this hub during both the school day and after-school hours. We structure additional support offerings for the full school community, so that our efforts bolster and enhance school leaders' overall visions of success for their communities.2. Social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum: The Pitch In curriculum, delivered weekly in a two-hour after-school format, is based on important research out of CASEL (The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) and the Consortium on Chicago School Research. It focuses on supporting students to build developmentally appropriate SEL skills and competencies, such as self-management, self-advocacy, and self-efficacy, all to fuel a successful middle-to-high school transition. Each Pitch In lesson across our five-year program is carefully scaffolded and delivered at timely moments in students' maturation to ensure skills and concepts are introduced and revisited at the highest-impact times. T3. High school transition focus: Throughout our program, Pitch In guides students and families to explore their identities and the types of high schools they should consider, and then the aligned high school options available within CPS. Once students reach 8th grade, we then walk hand-in-hand with them through CPS' online high school application process - from drafting essays, to meeting application deadlines, to reviewing offer letters - ensuring students are equipped to make fully informed enrollment decisions at a best-fit high school where they will thrive academically and socially. Once on campus, students stay in close touch with and supported by their Pitch In families to ensure that they remain on-track at the end of 9th grade. To further smooth the transition to high school, Pitch In also builds relationships with high school leaders wherever possible, in order to most effectively advocate for students during this critical transition.4. Mentors: Pitch In is committed to harnessing the unprecedented and supportive power of mentorship to fuel student success, and has the opportunity to partner with dozens of adults mentors throughout the school year to drive programmatic outcomes. Each year, in preparation to launch new Pitch In cohorts, we recruit and train highly-committed community members to become Pitch In mentors. Mentors volunteer their time on a weekly basis, and become trusted advisers and sounding boards for students throughout their Pitch In journeys. Our mentors encourage and support student development of SEL skills in a group format, and build long-lasting relationships with students through all five years of Pitch In.5. Unique enrichment experiences: Given that Pitch In is committed to serving Chicago neighborhoods that have experienced deep, historical disinvestment, many Pitch In students do not have immediate exposure to personal and professional development opportunities to shape their aspirations for their futures. As a result, we bring our community connections to bear to curate field trips, cultural events, and career exploration opportunities that allow students to explore the world and gain exposure to new areas of interest and potential future pathways for themselves.

Interesting data from their 2020 990 filing

The purpose of the non-profit is stated in the filing as “Established in 2011 by retired chicago cubs pitcher kerry wood, and his wife sarah, the wood family foundation seeks to improve the lives of children in four high-need neighborhoods in chicago: north lawndale, humboldt park, austin, and englewood, and to inspire others to join in. our primary program, called pitch in, is immersed in our school partnership buildings, and run by our highly-qualified pitch in staff members. pitch in is dedicated to ensuring that students from chicago's austin, englewood, humboldt park, and north lawndale neighborhoods successfully transition from middle school to high school, ready to succeed. pitch in partners with chicago public schools (cps) elementary schools to boost student outcomes in 4th-8th grade, and we are committed to improving the culture and support systems surrounding the middle school space district-wide.”.

Their activities were defined as: “Improve the lives of chicago area children by providing long term support and services.”.

  • As per legal requirements, the non-profit's state of operation is reported as IL.
  • The non-profit's address in 2020 as per the filing is 121 W Wacker Drive No 619, Chicago, IL, 60601.
  • The form of the non-profit organization shows 6 employees as of 2020.
  • Is not a private foundation.
  • Expenses are between $500,000 and $1,000,000+.
  • Revenue is between $500,000 and $1,000,000+.
  • Revenue less expenses is $159,999.
  • The organization has 10 independent voting members.
  • The organization was formed in 2011.
  • The organization pays $444,635 in salary, compensation, and benefits to its employees.
  • The organization pays $250,456 in fundraising expenses.

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