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Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

San Franciso, CA 94108
Tax ID94-1156846

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Our Vision: A spiritually alive world. Our Mission: Reimagining church with courage, joy, and wonder.


Grace Cathedral is an Episcopal church in the heart of San Francisco. We are both a warm congregation and a house of prayer for all people. We welcome visitors from all over the world. Grace Cathedral is an Episcopal church and the 3rd largest Episcopal cathedral in the United States. A cathedral is traditionally “the seat of a bishop,” and our bishop is Marc Handley Andrus, Bishop of California. Cathedrals are led by deans, and ours is Malcolm Clemens Young. Grace Cathedral is a house of prayer for all people. It is a spiritual crossroads in one of the world’s most dynamic and beautiful cities. It is a renowned landmark, visitor destination and a regional magnet where diverse people come to celebrate, find solace, peace and quiet, connect with others, serve and be served and learn. It is also home to a loving congregation of about 500 households. Just like our visitors, our congregation includes families and singles, children and seniors, and a diversity of ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, interests and backgrounds as wide as the world itself.