What are the two roles available in a family fund?


In a family fund, there are two roles available: Organizer and Family Member. Each role has different actions they can take. Any member of your family fund can make a donation request, but only the fund organizers have the authority to approve these requests. This ensures that all donations are in line with the family's philanthropic goals and are in accordance with Daffy's Member Agreement. Daffy is a fantastic platform for managing a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF). With Daffy, you can create a Family account that allows multiple members to contribute to and donate from the same fund. Each member has their own personal profile, secure login, and unique list of favorite charities. However, the fund itself is shared, including the investment portfolio and the ability to set an annual giving goal as a family. This makes it easy to track all donations in one place. Daffy's Family accounts are designed to support everyone's giving. For instance, if one family member is passionate about women's issues and another is eager to support local education and housing initiatives, they can both give from the same fund while still keeping track of their individual charitable spending. Adding a partner or other family members to your Daffy account is simple. You can invite up to 24 members under one fund, and anyone 13 and over can be a member. This makes Daffy a great option for multi-generational families looking to manage their philanthropic efforts in a streamlined and efficient way. In conclusion, Daffy offers a flexible and user-friendly platform for managing a family fund. Whether you're an organizer or a family member, Daffy makes it easy to contribute to the causes you care about and track your charitable giving.

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