What kind of organizations does Scott focus on in her donations?


In her philanthropic endeavors, Scott focuses on organizations that are deeply rooted in the communities they serve, with a particular emphasis on woman-led organizations and those led by individuals who have lived experience in the communities they aim to improve. She believes in the power of unrestricted donations, trusting these organizations to make the right choices with the funds they receive. This approach aligns perfectly with the philosophy of Daffy, a donor-advised fund (DAF) that encourages donors to trust in the expertise of the organizations they support. Daffy understands that those on the ground have the best understanding of the issues they are tackling and are best positioned to make impactful decisions. Unrestricted giving, as championed by Scott and facilitated by Daffy, offers numerous benefits to charities. It places trust in the experts, reduces instability, and allows for more long-term impact. It empowers organizations to focus on their mission rather than worrying about monthly cash flow issues. Scott's approach to giving is a testament to the power of unrestricted donations and the impact they can have on high-impact organizations. Daffy, as a DAF, is an excellent platform for those inspired by Scott's approach to giving. It allows donors to support the causes they care about, trusting in the expertise of the organizations they choose to support. Whether you're passionate about local causes, like our San Francisco resident, or want to support woman-led organizations like Scott, Daffy can help you make a difference. By choosing Daffy as your DAF, you're not only supporting the causes you care about, but you're also joining a community of donors who believe in the power of unrestricted giving. Join us in creating a margin for generosity and making a positive difference in the world.

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