ALS Association Nevada Chapter

ALS Association Nevada Chapter

Las Vegas, NV 89120
Tax ID20-1531344

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About this organization







To discover treatments and a cure for ALS, and to serve, advocate for, and empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest throughout the state of Nevada.

Interesting data from their 2017 990 filing

The non-profit's aim, as stated in the filing, is “Assisting patients afflicted with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and their families.”.

When referring to its actions, they were outlined as: “Assisting patients afflicted with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and their families.”.

  • The non-profit has complied with legal obligations by reporting their state of operation as NV.
  • The non-profit's address in 2017 is noted in the filing as 3191 E WARM SPRINGS RD, LAS VEGAS, NV, 89120.
  • The non-profit's form for 2017 reports a total of 6 employees.
  • Is not a private foundation.
  • Expenses are between $100,000 and $250,000.
  • Revenue is between $250,000 and $500,000.
  • Revenue less expenses is $127,647.
  • The organization has 16 independent voting members.
  • The organization was formed in 2004.
  • The organization pays $132,861 in salary, compensation, and benefits to its employees.
  • The organization pays $64,286 in fundraising expenses.