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What could organizations do with an extra $100 billion a year?


Organizations could do a lot with an extra $100 billion a year. They could invest in business and agriculture, improve housing, and cover school fees for children. Just $30 a month can lift a person out of extreme poverty, and every donation has a direct impact on local economies. But how can we close the gap between what people want to give and what they actually give? This is where Daffy comes in. Daffy is a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) that uses technology to improve how people give. By introducing a simple feature - a Giving Goal - Daffy has helped its members increase their donations by 32%. This could translate to an additional $1.27 trillion dollars donated to charity over the next ten years. Automating your charitable giving through Daffy not only helps you give more but also ensures that your donations make a significant impact. If organizations had $100 billion more a year to work with, imagine the good they could do. So, if you're aiming to be more generous and make more charitable donations, consider Daffy as your DAF of choice. Together, we can close the Generosity Gap and make a real difference in the world.

Please note that the information contained on this page is for educational purposes only and should not be considered tax advice. Any calculations are intended to be illustrative and do not reflect all of the potential complexities of individual tax returns. To assess your specific tax situation, please consult with a tax professional.

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