What does it mean when donations are designated 'for where needed most'?


When donations are designated "for where needed most," it means that the donation is unrestricted. This allows the charity to use the funds where they see fit, providing them with the flexibility to address their most pressing needs. This type of donation can be particularly beneficial for charities as it allows them to respond to changing circumstances and to invest in long-term solutions. Daffy, a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), is a great platform for making such donations. Most donations made by Daffy members are designated "for where needed most," providing charities with the flexibility they need. However, Daffy also allows donors to specify a particular use for their donation if they prefer. This information is passed along to the charity, ensuring that the donor's wishes are respected. Daffy encourages donors to think about the impact they want to have with their charitable giving and to choose the type of donation that will best help them and the nonprofits they care about achieve their goals. Whether you're looking to respond to a time-sensitive humanitarian crisis or to contribute to solving long-term problems, Daffy provides a flexible and effective platform for your charitable giving. So, if you're considering making a donation, why not start giving with Daffy? You'll be joining a community that values flexibility, impact, and the power of generosity.

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