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What control and oversight does a fund organizer have in Daffy for Families?


In Daffy for Families, a fund organizer has significant control and oversight. This innovative platform is designed to help families give together more easily, allowing up to 24 family members, including two organizers, under one fund. The fund organizer plays a crucial role in managing the family fund. They are responsible for setting up the fund, providing family member details, and inviting family members to join the fund. Each family member, aged 13 and older, can have their own secure account and password, and can request donations to specific organizations. However, these requests need to be approved by the fund organizers, ensuring a level of control and oversight. Moreover, only the fund organizers have the ability to edit the fund name, contribute to the fund, select the investment portfolio, and add or remove additional members. This gives the organizers significant control over the fund's operations and the direction of the family's charitable giving. Daffy for Families also encourages transparency and connection within the family. Members receive notifications whenever anyone in the family makes a new donation, inspiring connection and conversations about the causes they support. Unlike traditional donor-advised funds, Daffy does not charge fees based on a percentage of assets in the fund, nor does it charge fees on contributions or donations. Instead, Daffy for Families is available at a simple, flat membership fee of just $5 a month, per family. In conclusion, Daffy for Families offers a unique, affordable, and controlled way for families to engage in charitable giving. It provides a platform for families to come together, discuss, and support the causes they care about, while also giving fund organizers significant control and oversight.

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