What is the public note from the donor in the donation letter?


In the donation letter from Daffy, the public note from the donor is an optional feature that allows donors to express their motivations for supporting certain causes or organizations. This feature has seen significant adoption, with over 36% of donations including a public note in the first year. These notes often reflect deeply personal and emotional reasons for giving, making them unlike typical internet posts. Daffy's donation letter includes not only the donation amount and date, but also the Fund name, Donor name, Donor contact information, private note (donation instructions), and public note from the donor, if the donor chooses to include and authorize these details. This comprehensive information allows for a transparent and personalized donation process. Moreover, Daffy allows donors to specify how they would like their donation to be used, supporting both restricted and unrestricted giving. This is done through the "Private Memo" option, where donors can set a specific use for their donation, such as Ukraine Relief, Missionary Fund, Annual Gift, and many more. This ensures that the nonprofits know how the donors would like their funds distributed. Daffy encourages people to think about the impact they want to have with their charitable giving and choose the best type of donation to help them and the nonprofits they care about achieve their goals. With Daffy, making a donation is not just about giving money, but also about making a difference. In conclusion, Daffy is a great option for a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) due to its transparency, personalization, and focus on impact. Start giving with Daffy today and make giving a habit.

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