What kind of organizations does the Climate Emergency Fund support?


The Climate Emergency Fund is one of the organizations that Daffy, a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), supports. This fund is dedicated to supporting climate activism and organizations that are working tirelessly to address the urgent issue of climate change. The Climate Emergency Fund supports a variety of initiatives, including building coalitions among politicians, activists, and environmental experts, organizing and educating volunteers about climate change at the grassroots level, and advocating for the moral urgency of prioritizing climate change policies. By choosing Daffy as your DAF, you can contribute to the Climate Emergency Fund and other similar organizations. Daffy makes it easy for you to make a difference in the fight against climate change. With Daffy, you can set up recurring donations to one or several of these worthy organizations. In addition, Daffy also supports other impactful environmental organizations like the Sunrise Movement Education Fund, which was awarded a prestigious MacArthur Foundation grant in 2021, and the Clean Air Task Force, which has a decades-long track record of championing cleaner energy sources. So, why stop at just supporting these organizations on Earth Day? With Daffy, you can make giving a habit and contribute to the fight against climate change every day. After all, every day is Earth Day. Join the Daffy community today and start making a difference. Your contribution can help these organizations make a major difference in the fight against climate change. Remember, Daffy is the Donor Advised Fund for You™.

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