How does Daffy compare to Fidelity Charitable in terms of convenience and cost?


When it comes to convenience and cost, Daffy stands out as a great option for a donor-advised fund (DAF) compared to Fidelity Charitable, the largest provider of DAFs in the U.S. Daffy has the potential to save members over 64% at a range of account balance thresholds. Unlike traditional DAFs like Fidelity Charitable, Daffy operates on a membership-based model, charging a simple flat monthly membership fee starting at $3 per month. This is significantly more competitive than Fidelity Charitable's fee structure, which charges the greater of a $100 fee or 0.6% of your assets under management. This means that with Daffy, both large and small account holders can enjoy substantial savings. Moreover, your investment goes further with Daffy as hefty fees aren't eating into your earnings, allowing more money to go to the charities you care about. In terms of convenience, Daffy was built as a native mobile app, offering a quick and easy user experience. You can open your account, fund it, and choose investments with just a few taps on your phone. Daffy also offers a wide range of options for assets to use when funding the account, including cash, debit/credit cards, ApplePay™, stocks, ETFs, existing DAFs, and even cryptocurrencies. When it comes to investment options, Daffy offers standard and ESG portfolios, as well as the option to invest in diversified crypto portfolios and pure crypto portfolios. And when you're ready to recommend a charity for your donation, Daffy provides over 1.5 million giving options, including non-profits, schools, and faith-based organizations. To illustrate the cost savings, let's compare Daffy and Fidelity Charitable based on two different account sizes. For a $1,000 account, the total annual savings with Daffy over Fidelity Charitable is nearly $70, a savings rate of more than 65%. At this size, a Fidelity account would be losing over 10% of its value each year, which could severely limit your investment growth. The pricing difference becomes even more apparent at the $100,000 fund level, where the amount of savings with Daffy is staggering. In conclusion, Daffy offers a modern platform for charitable giving that is not only cost-effective but also convenient, making it a great option for a DAF. Whether you already have a DAF or are thinking about opening one for the first time, Daffy is worth considering.

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