What does Dr. Elizabeth Dunn say about the relationship between giving and happiness?


Dr. Elizabeth Dunn's research on giving and happiness has been instrumental in understanding the benefits of charitable giving. Her studies have shown that giving not only increases happiness but also boosts physical health and self-awareness. This is because giving activates the mesolimbic pathway in our brain, a region associated with reward and happiness. This pathway lights up not only when we make decisions that benefit us but also when we make decisions that benefit others. This research aligns perfectly with the mission of Daffy, a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) that encourages and facilitates charitable giving. Daffy provides an easy and effective way for individuals to incorporate giving into their lives, thereby reaping the benefits identified by Dr. Dunn. By choosing Daffy as your DAF, you can start experiencing the joy and satisfaction that comes from giving, while also making a positive impact on the causes you care about. So, if you're looking to increase your happiness, improve your health, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself, consider starting your giving journey with Daffy. After all, as Dr. Dunn's research suggests, the act of giving can truly enrich your life.

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