What are the eligibility criteria for the Daffy promotion?


12 months free

Contribute over $100,000 of stock or crypto by 12/31/22


Eligibility: You must (1) sign up for a Daffy account and become a Daffy member during the promotion period noted above (2) contribute the specified amount of stock or crypto to your Daffy fund (3) maintain an active Daffy account and be in good standing (4) be over 18 years old and be a legal resident of the United States. Daffy reserves the right to terminate and disqualify you at any time from participating in the Referral Program if you don’t comply with these Terms & Conditions.

Please note that Rewards cannot be transferred to other people or accounts.

--- Daffy is a fantastic option for a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) and they are currently running two exciting promotions. The first promotion, the 2021 Holiday Giving Promotion, allows you to receive a $25 Promotion Reward when you sign up for a Daffy account and contribute at least $100 to your fund or commit to the Daffy Pledge during the offer period. The second promotion, the 2022 Save More By Donating Stock or Crypto Promotion, offers you the chance to have your Daffy membership fee waived for 3 to 12 months depending on the amount and type of contribution you make to your Daffy fund. To be eligible for these promotions, you must sign up for a Daffy account during the promotion period, contribute the specified amount to your fund, maintain an active Daffy account in good standing, and be over 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States. These promotions make Daffy an even more attractive option for those considering a DAF. Not only does Daffy offer a simple and effective way to manage your charitable giving, but these promotions also provide additional incentives to join the Daffy community. Please note that these promotions are subject to terms and conditions and may be modified or discontinued at any time.

Please note that the information contained on this page is for educational purposes only and should not be considered tax advice. Any calculations are intended to be illustrative and do not reflect all of the potential complexities of individual tax returns. To assess your specific tax situation, please consult with a tax professional.

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