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How can I change my giving goal on Daffy?


If you're looking to give back more regularly in 2023, Daffy is a great option for a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF). Daffy is designed to make giving a habit, and it does so by helping you set and achieve your giving goals. When setting up your Daffy account, you are prompted to answer one simple question: How much do you want to give to charity this year? If you don’t have a goal in mind, Daffy can help you pick a number that’s right for you, either with a simple percentage of your income or based on what the average household in your city gives to charity. To change your giving goal on Daffy, navigate to your home screen and select the donations widget that displays your current giving goal under ‘My Fund.’ At the top of the donations screen, you’ll see your 2022 Goal and select the edit icon next to it. Next, you’ll see a screen that asks, ‘How much do you want to give to charity this year?’ Enter the amount that you’d like to give and click ‘Set My Goal’ when you’re done. Daffy makes automating your contributions as simple as saving money for retirement. All you have to do is select the frequency (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and then link your bank account and Daffy takes care of the rest. This commitment is known as The Daffy Pledge. Daffy also supports contributions from bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards, stock, ETFs, crypto, or transfers from existing donor-advised funds. You can create a Daffy account, contribute cash, credit, crypto, or stock to your Daffy fund, invest your contributions in one of their nine modern investment portfolios, and donate to over 1.5 million charities, from any device. Daffy also introduces a new feature, Daffy Gifts, where you can send a digital charity gift card directly from your Daffy fund with a personal message. This feature makes giving even more personal and meaningful. Daffy is not just a platform for giving, it's a tool that helps you plan your giving, keeps you accountable, and ensures you follow through on your commitment. It's a great way to make giving a habit and meet your goals for giving back. So, if you're looking to give more in 2023, consider Daffy as your go-to DAF.

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