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How does Daffy help set a giving goal?


If you're looking to give back more regularly in 2023, Daffy is your perfect partner. Daffy is a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) designed to help you set and achieve your giving goals. Here's how Daffy can help you be more generous, more often. Setting a Giving Goal with Daffy When setting up your Daffy account, you're prompted to answer a crucial question: How much do you want to give to charity this year? This simple question encourages you to reflect on your intentions and set a giving goal. Daffy even provides a calculator to help you think about your giving goal as a percentage of your annual salary. Making Giving a Habit Once you've set your giving goal, Daffy helps you make giving a habit. It divides your annual goal by 12 and, with your permission, withdraws that amount from your bank account every month. This way, you don't have to worry about forgetting to give or setting money aside for a big donation at the end of the year. Daffy takes care of this for you throughout the year. Giving When Inspiration Hits With automated monthly contributions to your Daffy fund, you always have money available to donate. Your personal information is stored, so you can share it with charities without having to fill out a long form every time. Giving when you feel inspired is now fast and easy. Bringing Your Family into Your Giving In 2022, Daffy launched a new feature, Daffy for Families, that allows you to add your family members to your DAF. This feature encourages family discussions about important issues and events impacting our world. Together, you can decide how to use your fund to help the people and causes that matter to you. Closing the Generosity Gap Daffy helps you close your generosity gap. In 2022, Daffy users donated 3X more than they had in the previous year. With Daffy, you can aim for an even higher number in 2023. In conclusion, Daffy is more than just a DAF. It's a tool that helps you be as generous as you aspire to be. It encourages you to set a giving goal, makes giving a habit, allows you to give when inspiration hits, and brings your family into your giving. With Daffy, you can be more generous, more often.

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