What is the role of Daffy in encouraging donations to alma maters?


Daffy plays a significant role in encouraging donations to alma maters. As a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), Daffy provides a platform for alumni to give back to their colleges and universities, helping to support the next generation of students. Many Daffy members have shared that their primary motivation for donating to their alma mater is the desire to help the students who come after them. This is made possible through Daffy's easy-to-use platform, which allows donors to contribute to any supported organization of their choice, including their alma maters. One such example is Carol Lee Stephan, a Daffy member who donates to her alma mater, Kent State. She has created a scholarship fund for pre-law students to help cover the costs of preparing for the bar exam. This is a testament to how Daffy enables its members to give back to their alma maters in a meaningful and impactful way. Moreover, Daffy also encourages the habit of giving. Just as children are taught to set aside some money for those less fortunate, Daffy provides a platform for adults to do the same. The more donations you make through Daffy, the more chances you have to support the causes you care about. In conclusion, Daffy serves as a great option for a DAF, especially for those looking to give back to their alma maters. It not only provides a platform for easy and efficient giving but also fosters a culture of generosity and support for future generations.

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